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Option Writing (Buying & Selling the options)

It is a well-known fact, across global markets that 90% of the option traders profit hugely by selling options. Hope you have seen that the most of the option prices almost become zero near the expiry. This is due to the diminishing time value of an option as the contract approaches expiry. And in this service, we make use of that concept to generate hugely safe profits.

In this service and we will be advising you about what calls/puts to sell. This service deals mainly in all liquid counters/ highly volatile counters. The service caters to the needs of all kind of traders ranging from retail to HNIs, who are interested in very safe returns from options; it is also for those who fear to trade directly in futures market due to the volatility.

A maximum of 2 recommendations will be given in stock/index options through SMS. Depending on the market conditions, some of the recommendations may include a hedging strategy.

All the trading advices will be given keeping in mind your capital. All the margins will be calculated and adjusted accordingly, also providing 10% cushion to meet margin requirements, if any, in adverse cases. You are strictly advised to follow the entry and exit levels as mentioned in our SMS and your Advisor advice.

All the recommendations come with well-defined targets and stoploss. The failure rate is almost nil in this.

Follow-up of each and every position is given timely.

Basic Service Details of OPTION WRITING

  • 4-6 calls in month
  • 50%-150% return on each call
  • Execution time is 3-7 minutes
  • Target will be updated time to time
  • Call through SMS & Personal assistance


Plan Duration Price 24 X 7 What you get in the Package Payment
1 Month INR 15,000 Yes Key contact person Pay Now
3 Months INR 30,000 Yes Dedicated Analyst Pay Now
6 Months INR 45,000 Yes Key contact person or Dedicated Analyst Pay Now
1 Year INR 60,000 Yes Key contact person with Dedicated Analyst Pay Now

** Subject to change as per FIPL norms.

For any further query and clarification we are happy to assist you 24*7.